Best Things to Do in Rome

Rome, often referred to as the Eternal City, is a treasure trove of historical, cultural, and gastronomic wonders that beckon travelers from around the globe. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and delectable cuisine, Rome offers a remarkable blend of the ancient and the modern. If you’re planning a visit to this captivating destination, here are some of the best things to do in Rome that will undoubtedly leave you awe-struck:

15 Best Things to Do in Rome

Exploring the Colosseum: A Glimpse into Ancient Glory

The iconic Colosseum stands as a testament to Rome’s ancient grandeur. As you step into this colossal amphitheater, you’ll be transported back in time to witness the spectacles that once unfolded here, from gladiator contests to dramatic performances. Official Colosseum Website – For tickets, guided tours, and more information about visiting the Colosseum.

Wandering Through the Vatican Museums: Artistry Beyond Compare

Home to an unparalleled collection of art and artifacts, the Vatican Museums offer a mesmerizing journey through centuries of human creativity. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the Sistine Chapel, adorned with Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring frescoes. Vatican Museums Official Website – Explore the Vatican Museums’ collections, opening hours, and ticket information.

Tossing a Coin at the Trevi Fountain: Fulfilling Wishes with a Tradition

The Trevi Fountain’s beauty and charm are unrivaled, making it a must-visit. Legend has it that tossing a coin over your left shoulder into the fountain ensures your return to Rome – a tradition many visitors eagerly partake in. Trevi Fountain – Rome Guide – Details about the Trevi Fountain’s history, legend, and visitor tips.

Indulging in Culinary Delights at Campo de’ Fiori Market: For an authentic culinary experience, head to Campo de’ Fiori Market. Here, you can savor the flavors of Rome, from fresh produce to delectable pastries and artisanal cheeses.

Stepping Back in Time at the Roman Forum: Unraveling History’s Mysteries

The Roman Forum, once the heart of the ancient city, offers a glimpse into daily life in ancient Rome. As you walk through its ruins, you’ll find yourself transported to a bygone era of temples, basilicas, and bustling markets. Roman Forum and Palatine Hill – Information about visiting the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Admiring the Pantheon: Awe-Inspiring Architectural Brilliance

The Pantheon’s architectural brilliance is truly awe-inspiring. Its massive dome, adorned with an oculus that lets in natural light, is a marvel of engineering and design. Pantheon Official Website – Discover the history and architecture of the Pantheon.

Savoring Authentic Gelato: A Cool and Creamy Roman Treat

No trip to Rome is complete without indulging in authentic gelato. With numerous gelaterias scattered throughout the city, you can relish flavors ranging from classic stracciatella to inventive tiramisu.

Ascending the Spanish Steps: A Picturesque Viewpoint

Climbing the Spanish Steps rewards you with panoramic views of the city. This iconic stairway is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to gather and soak in the beauty of Rome.

Exploring Trastevere: A Quaint and Charming Neighborhood

Trastevere’s narrow streets and colorful buildings exude a bohemian charm. This neighborhood is ideal for leisurely strolls, exploring artisan shops, and relishing traditional Roman cuisine.

Discovering the Capitoline Hill: The Archeological Heart of Rome

The Capitoline Hill offers a blend of history and art. Home to the Capitoline Museums, it houses a remarkable collection of sculptures, paintings, and artifacts that celebrate Rome’s rich heritage.

Strolling through Villa Borghese Gardens: A Breath of Fresh Air

Escape the urban hustle by visiting the Villa Borghese Gardens. This sprawling green oasis provides a tranquil retreat for leisurely walks, bike rides, and picnics. Villa Borghese Gardens – Information about the attractions and activities in Villa Borghese Gardens.

Immersing Yourself in Local Life at Piazza Navona: Piazza Navona’s lively atmosphere and stunning fountains make it a favorite gathering place. Street artists, performers, and cafes contribute to the vibrant ambiance of this charming square.

Visiting Castel Sant’Angelo: A Mausoleum with a Fascinating History

Initially built as a mausoleum, Castel Sant’Angelo has served various roles throughout history, from fortress to papal residence. Today, it offers panoramic views of the Tiber River and the city skyline.

Day-Trip to Pompeii: Unveiling the Ancient Buried City

While not in Rome itself, a day-trip to Pompeii provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of a city preserved by volcanic ash, offering a glimpse into Roman life centuries ago.

Pompeii and Vesuvius from Rome (1)
Pompeii and Vesuvius from Rome

Exploring Ostia Antica: Rome’s Hidden Ancient Port

Ostia Antica, once a bustling port city, offers a different perspective on ancient Roman life. Its well-preserved ruins include houses, shops, and public baths, painting a vivid picture of daily routines.

Ostia Antica Tour from Rome
Ostia Antica Tour from Rome


Rome, with its myriad offerings, presents a captivating journey through time and culture. From ancient wonders to culinary delights, this Eternal City promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

FAQs About Exploring Rome

How can I skip the lines at popular attractions like the Colosseum?

Consider purchasing skip-the-line tickets online or joining a guided tour for faster access.

What's the best time to visit Rome?

Spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Is it necessary to cover my shoulders and knees when visiting religious sites?

Yes, modest dress is required when visiting churches and religious sites in Rome.

Are there any hidden gems in Rome's culinary scene?

Absolutely! Look for traditional trattorias in neighborhoods like Testaccio for an authentic and less touristy dining experience.

Can I explore Rome on foot?

Yes, many of Rome’s attractions are within walking distance of each other. Comfortable shoes are a must!